exploration of surface, form and motion for ron arad exhibition at the marconi gallery in milan


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This installation was exhibited in the Marconi Gallery in Milan in 2003 as part of an exhibition of new furniture by designer Ron Arad. Using the translucency of a material called Corian, Ron Arad Associates created a mysteriously illuminated wall and round table by hand plugging thousands of individual optic fibers just below the materials surface. These optic fibers were then gathered together and via a projector light was transmitted to their embedded ends in the Corian.

These surfaces where then brought to life and illuminated with abstract studies of motion. Collisions of orbiting particles explored the convex form of the table while flocks of birds migrated across the gallery wall. The combined effect was a surreal, futuristic landscape that pulsed in reaction to an audio sound track featuring material by DJ Food and sound design by Scanone.

This installation has also been shown at other international art & design festivals including the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennial in 2004.

Produced and Directed By Christopher Thomas Allen
Visual contributions by Brede Korsmo
Animation by Jude Greenaway
Additional sound design by Scanone