Experimental documentary short film tracing the tangential journeys of a Venice Beach street philosopher across the USA



Thumbnail Express is The Light Surgeons debut documentary short film, commissioned by onedotzero festival in 2000. This is the first chapter of “Gilligan’s Travels”, a series of experimental short films based around an interview with the Venice Beach street philosopher Robert Alan Weiser and his travels across America.

This landmark project combines Super 8 and DV footage with motion graphics and was screened as part of the onedotzero festival internationally and featured as part of the APB: All Points Between live cinema performance that was developed as a touring show with the festival.

Co-Direction and edit:Chris Allen and Jude Greenaway
Camera:Chris Allen, Jude Greenaway and Andy Flywheel
Producer:Andy Flywheel
Music:“Unfair Weather” by Kinobe
Additional Music:Samuel Rouanet
Sound design:Scanone