visual set for the D&AD awards ceremony held at Camden Roundhouse



The Light Surgeons where commissioned to create after party visuals for the prestigious Design & Art Direction Awards at the Roundhouse in London 2010. The bespoke material was inspired by the theme ‘tools of the trade’ and combined generative, processing visuals that where mixed with motion graphics.

The event also featured live sets by Fyfe Dangerfeld and Chew Lips for whom we also provided visuals.

Direction:Christopher Thomas Allen
Camera:Christopher Thomas Allen & Dean G Moore
Edit:Jude Greenaway & Dean G Moore
Processing:Olivier Reullet
Performance:Christopher Thomas Allen & Olivier Ruellet
Producer:Alice Ceresole
Documentation edit:Dean G Moore
Music:Opiuo “The Freaky Bean”

With thanks to London College of Communications who let us film their fantastic letter presses