A cross-disciplinary media arts practice in operation since 1995


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We are a boutique production company that specialises in generating creative content for video productions, live performancesinstallations and experiences.

The company was founding in 1995 in East London and today is home to an extensive network of different creative talents that work in the complementary fields of interactive design, audio visual production and post-production. Through this network of award winning documentary filmmakers, animators, designers and software developers we have produced a diverse range of creative projects that together blur the boundaries between art and design practise.

As a studio we continue to endeavour to explore the terrain between commerical design lead projects and our own artistic expressions and always aim to create work that is both informative and entertaining.

We bring over 20 years of experience of creative production to all the projects we undertake and it is the communication of ideas that is central to our work, always ensuring that it is the concept and idea behind the project that leads our direction and processes, using technology where it is required and not being blinded by it.

If you wish to learn more about our work or are interested in hiring our services please get in touch here.