Welcome to our new website! It’s been a hot few weeks of WordPress hell here in the Surgery! But basically we’ve been re-building the site to make it easier to find stuff. There’s currently well over 60 different project posts covering film, installation, performance and artwork from almost 15 years of work now… We hope you enjoy the site if you are a new visitor or find it more user-friendly if you’ve been before… There’s a lot of nice new features: Visual menus which make it easier to browse our projects and a simple concertina menu system to refine your searches. Easy links to all our favorite social networks and channels on Vimeo and Youtube. A special new “in Development” category where we will be announcing new projects that are in the pipeline along with ones we hope to get off the ground and may require your help! We’ve also decided to add an “Art” or “Commercial” colour code to the site and you can toggle between these global categories at the top right hand corner of the site – allowing you to view all of our work from either perspective. So – we hope you enjoy the site and please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on all things Light Surgeons. Be sure to watch this space as new work will be added on a regular basis now we promise!
Many, many thanks to Olivier Ruellet for all his hard work re-building the site and our new intern Miglena Minkova for being a wordpress trooper in the studio.